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Need Help With Six Cartridge Cd Player

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I have a 1995 ES 300 with AM/FM/cassette/cd player. Everything works and the sound is great. The problem is with the CD player. It is the type with a six CD cartridge and is located in the trunk. I have two cartridges and have the same problem with both cartridges. Sometimes the thing works fine with no problems, but then if I decide to change cartridges, I open the trunk and punch the button to eject, switch cartridge, close the little changer door. It immediately does the load checking process. Keep in mind my trunk lid is still open and the engine is running. I can change from FM to CD by punching the proper button and the CD will start playing. OK, I am ready to drive somewhere, I close the trunk and the CD stops playing and ejects the cartridge, and changes to radio. I called the local Lexus dealer and they say I should take it to their radio shop to exchange for another CD player. My instinct says I may have an electrical problem outside of the CD unit. Can anyone out there offer any advice?

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have you tried hitting the trunk

area without closing it

might help you get closer to the loose wireing

unless it is a laser problem

if hte radio is still on ad you get in with the trunk closed

can the cd player work still?

i have the same problem with my civic i have a clarion changer and every hard bump makes the changer spit out the cartridge

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