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2007 Ls 460l Paint Chipping

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I would get the dealer to install it for FREE>

Why in the world would they do that?

In Canada ALL LS models are covered in 3m clear bras from Lexus Canada in Toronto before being delivered to the dealerships. So even if it comes from Japan and arrives in Vancouver to be sold there . It still has to go to Toronto before being shipped back to Vancouver to be delivered finally.

Lexus know the paint is soft which is why it is mandatory to have a clear bra on all of them.

I know i will never have a car without it again but if i bought one new with so many issues of paint it would need to be addressed.

Do you think it makes sense to add the clear bra even if there are a few rock chips already on the paint? It's by no means horrible, but it would help prevent any more...

Yep. That is what I am doing on Saturday. The place I am bringing my car to to told me to bring my touch up paint and they would take care of the existing chips before installing the clear bra. I am getting the entire hood, bumper and mirrors done. I am looking forward to not worrying about this anymore.

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The new s550 has a chiproof armour over the entire car. Amazing..and the car I drive and speak about is from South Florida. Lexus needs to catch up in that arena. No bull, just fact. We know where bras belong and I for one don't want one on my car even though she is pretty...:whistles:

Its not a "chiproof armor" its called Ceramiclear and its simply a harder clearcoat. It really doesn't do much to resist chipping, its designed to resist carwash scratching. Its is nonetheless very cool.

If it makes you feel better Delray, I saw a black LS460 with a clear bra today and I had to look twice before I noticed it.

I found a company in Boca Raton (Auto Super Shield) that has different options for the clear bra. One covers the entire hood (not just half), the front bumper and mirrors. So, there would be no line to see. It is going to cost a lot more but I think it is worth it.

One cool thing that I learned from Auto Super Shield is that it can be taken off down the road. I was told that a lot of people choose to remove it prior to trading their car in. The paint underneath is like new. At least there is an up side to this whole chipping problem.

In Canada we call it an invisable bra. I don't know about the other Lexus models but the LS460 comes with it installed. I don't know if it is installed at the factory or by Lexus Canada. It will peel of if you want to remove it so it is not just thicker clearcoat as somebody suggested. My LS460 has it and I wouldn't be without it. A friend of mine bought a BMW M5 and it was factory installed on it.


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I also have a 2007 LS460 and it seems like the paint is deteriorating on the hood. The color is red, so these flaws really stand out. I intend to take it back to Lexus and discuss the problem with them. I don't really believe that the paint is chipping, I think that the paint is just failing.

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