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Removing The Door Panel.


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Thanks, that does show me where all of the screws are, but it doesnt really answer my question. Can I just remove the screws and pull the panel off? Or is there something else I need to know? Im sure this is a ridiculous newbie question, but well.................thats me!

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Yea, it will be clipped. Strategic pulling will be necessary. Good luck. Try not to break anything. There is usually 1 or two that break though :angry: . If you are you really careful, you may get lucky and come out with no broken tabs. :magic:

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Go to this site. It's PERFECT...


It doesn't get any more straightforward than this.

Once you get all the screws out, I found that prying either the bottom edge or front edge to be the best place to release the clips. The door panel is very easy to remove, it's been 3 times for me now...


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That is a great site you refer to. Can you help with a couple of questions.

First: What are they saying when it says "1) Pry center insert from door open cavity." ?That looks like something I am going to break or smash somehow.

Second: Have you mounted a replacement speaker in that location, (model and size)? How much fabrication was involved if you went with a bigger size?


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