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Rear Window Defogger/defroster Not Working

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Hello, I have a '95 LS and the rear window defogger doesn't work at all, although the side mirrors do. I have checked the fuse under the hood, but being I'm not an expert, maybe I have overlooked something else? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Ray :cheers:

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I have looked at the wiring diagram and according to this there is another fuse rated at 15A in the panel at the rear of the parking brake release lever,there is also a defog relay but I cannot locate it's position.

Does the light illuminate for the rear defogger? If it does it would indicate the relay is getting power but the switch contacts may be faulty in the relay.

Cheers from the UK. Lucky you having good weather and living near the Busch Gardens!!!

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Hey Steve, thanks for the reply.:cheers: The light does come on when I press the button, and the side mirrors will defrost, except the rear window. I'll make sure and do a more thorough search for the fuse. As far as our weather, its our typical summertime pattern. Beautiful blue skies in the morning, and violent thunderstorms mid/late afternoon. Thanks, from the lightning capital of the US LOL. P.S. We're supposed to go to Busch Gardens this weekend.

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