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Vibrate During Take-off Or Nearly Completely Stop At Low Speed

2005 GX470

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Hi I am new to this forum. I just bought a pre-own 2005 GX470 (64,000 miles) from a Lexus Dealer located in Plano, TX on Saturday, 6/23/2007.

During the 10 minutes test drive, nothing happened, everything went well.

1) After purchasing the car, they filled up the gas tank and immediately I felt inconsistent shaking coming from the driver seat and door while stopping at the intersection. It felt like the engine was choking and about to go off but it never went off. There was no noise associated with the vibration.

2) After driving over 15 minutes or so on my way home, the "accelerator pedal" vibrates/shakes during the initial takeoff at low speed. Once the car is almost at a completely stop at low speed, the "brake pedal" also shakes/vibrates for a short period of time. Again, there were no noise associated with the vibration/shakes.

Does anyone encounter similar problems? Can anyone offer any resolution/suggestion? Thank you.

Victor J

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Just want to keep the audience informed that I took my GX to the Lexus dealer for the clunking problem. After they applied the TSB fix for the clunking drive shaft, vibration from the pedals are gone as well as the engine clunking sound. It rides really smooth. However, my car is in the dealer now for a different reason. The car has a little rough idle that I can feel it from the seats and the steering wheel. The vibration from the GX gets a little bit stronger when the A/C is turned on. I wonder if it is time to do the engine valves clearance or perhaps it is normal because it has 64K on it or maybe something is loose..............

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