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Where Possibly Is This Plug Connected To?


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i am trying to figure out where this plug is connected to, no clue so far, it locates near the fuse and relay box, looks like it goes from the bottom of the box

car still runs fine except for error code 4&5 i have posted in another threat

the pix attached show where it comes out and hows the plug looks like

pls help




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I'm thinking this plug is the source of your mysterious error code. It doesn't really matter what this plug does, it needs to be plugged back in. Just search in that area until you find the place to plug in, obviously it cannot be far since the wire is short. Also, I see you have a non-US model, correct? Well, if so make sure you look up the code in the repair manual for the correct country. The US repair manual only has code for US model LS's. This may explain why the code is not listed in my US manual.

BTW, I looked in my wiring diagrams and it's really hard to see where this plug goes. All I can say is that the other end has to be close and you may need to remove some covers to get a better view.

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thanks lexls, i did search around the area where the wire can reach to but still no hope. it looks like for the water level warning switch, if it was the case a warning light would come up when those 2 wires shorted. but when i shorted those 2 wires, nothing lights up on combination meter!

regarding non-US model or not, i have no clue to tell if its right or not. the car has all lexus badge including letter lexus printed on all windows glass except for the engine badge. wondering if the engine number can tell anything and how to check it

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