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What Happen To My Traction?


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yesterday i changed my rear O2 sensor .. the car seems to be fine but today after driving for a while sudently my (TRAC) light came on and stayed. i sotp the car and shut off the engine then turn the key to on position the trac light came on and then went off. so start the car drove for 2 min then its came back on and stayed again. then after driving for an 1 hour i stop and restart seem to be gone and working while jumping on bump after that it was showing so i stop and start again the trac light was gone .. but the problem is its never seem to be working even when i fall in big hole, the trac light doesnt come and go .. i even drive fast or slow and hit on bumps my self but its never seem to be working ..by the way when i turn the key to on position the (TRAC) light comes on and gose away after couple of minute! so please will you tell me what could be wrong and is it ok to drive like this. thanks for all the help you guys giving me !

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Had the same problem. This fixed it right up. Had to do it again a year later, but that was expected.


Also, search "trac light" and "trac flush" for additional discussions. There are a few other possibilities, but the fix I'm recommending works most of the time from what I've heard/seen.

Apparently no one take the time to flush the brake lines then dirt gets stuck in the check valves and disables the trac.

That fluid was FILTHY...it was nasty.

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.


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