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1996 Lexus Es 300 Radiator Set Up

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I have a 96' es 300 and my old radiator cracked and im installing a new one into it.. is an extra tube suppose to hang out of the coolant container and sputter the fluid out into nothing?? the tube goes from the radiator to the coolant container and then a tube comes out from that container that sputters out coolant..im not sure if its suppose to do that or not

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Mine has that extra tube, and nothing comes out of it. Does fluid come out of yours?

yeah it does non-stop i got it to stop then it started back up again...it might have something to do the with the thermostat but i cant seem to find it

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That is a drain tube which allows coolant to escape from the reservoir when the reservoir fills up. If coolant is coming from this tube, two things are possible. First, you have overfilled the reservoir and not left enough space for coolant coming from the radiator; or second, your engine is overheating and too much coolant is being passed into the reservoir.

This tube prevents the reservoir from cracking (or exploding) when it receives too much coolant.

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