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Ns3425 After You Use Octane Booster This Will Really Help You Go Fast.


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If you do this you might get another few 10ths of a second....

Remove the interior.

Remove seats.

Remove unused wiring.

Remove carpets.

Remove sound deadening material.

Remove underseal material.

Remove windows.

Remove fenders.

Remove hood and trunk.

Of course remove the spare tire.

For each pound you remove you will gain speed.

Good luck. Hope it helps. I guarantee you will impress your friends.


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Oh yeah, don't forget to take out the headers, exhaust, and such. Don't forget to get rid of the sunroof and power seats along with all the other power motors, but leave the windows in, so you don't have air going inside the car to slow you down by creating drag. That includes the antenna mast, as well. Also, the speakers. All of them. Its the little things that count ;)

PS, dont forget the mirrors!

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lol i know i was jsut on here and boerd so i repaeted the same thign over and over again to mess with u guys. u uys are cool u guys know alot so i always come here for my help. i hada question my firend put 4 neon lights inside his car like under the seats and i got it to work by buying a cigerette lighter adapter ware u put it in and then u have 4 more cingerette ports so u can plugf mroe things in. would it be bad fro my battery or mess up my car in anyway if i have 4 neon ligths conecterd through 4 cigertte lighters?

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