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Cold Air Intake


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ns3425, you want a quick car that appeals to people? invest in either an SC 300-400 or an IS. Thats your best bet. If you can spend money on useless crap, then you can afford to pay for the gas for these cars... DO NOT RACE THE ES!! Lol, its not made for that. Thats like me racing a Buick...

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LoL sc300's are not quick by any means.

I digress. Stock is already a CAI you're not going to gain much horsepower wise on the world's most awesomest intake over stock. It's just a sound mod, just like the entire cat-back exhaust...

You can't find anything because you either need to mke it custom, or start looking at Camry parts. Your ES 300 = a Toyota Camry with different brakes, body, and trim packages.

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I still say SC400 > SC300. They're faster, just as economical, better brakes, suspension, supports, engine & trim levels. And if you can afford to turbo a 2jz-ge, you can afford to turbo a 1uz-fe and have a 25% larger powerband & an engine with all the critical parts handling 25% less stress to make the same peak power figures. :)

tehehehe - I'm just honest! lol

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