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Swap Questions?

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ok, as a little intorduction for my first post... i dont currently own a sc, however deeply looking into one. After owning a 3sgte swapped celica, and a k24 ek hatch, i am looking for a little rwd fun. so im on here to learn a little more about the car and its potential since i dont know much about it.

i guess the first question would be which would be the ideal motor swap for this car... since im assuming the majority that im going to find will have high mileage. from what i think, most of the 300's come with the na, 2jz motor... right? so how hard would a swap from a supra or aristo 2jzgtte be in this vehicle. how much of it drops in and such. ive searched briefly and havent found much besides manuals that i can pay over 100 bills to read.... also, what all would be involved for doing a auto to manual swap? i appreciate any info yall can give me!

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oh and i guess i should post my goals as well so you guys can help me better understand what i need. my goal would be around 450- maybe 500 hp, or atleast in that range, nothing REALLY crazy, and i guess from what ive seen, wouldnt mind keeping at with a 5sp, since i understand a 6 speed is hella expensive, and almost not needed... thanks again guys

also, would it be easier and cheaper to just built up the na 2jz motor from the ground up and turbo it???

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SC300/93-98 Supra NA/93-97 GS300 all pretty much have the same 2jzge engine. Besides the 2jzgte engines you can also look into the cheaper 1jzgte engines that are from the Toyota Soarers (SC300) in japan. 1jzgte is a 2.5liter turbo w/ ~280 horsepower and can get you to your goal w/o burning a hole in your pocket.

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