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Air Suspension Conversion - Strutmasters Or Arnott

Chip L

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Need to replace air suspension in '90 LS400. Would appreciate pros / cons of suppliers Strutmasters and Arnott. Price about the same for both. Ride? Installation? Instructions? Quality? Support?


Chip L

I have a thread on here about this somewhere.... I replaced mine with Arnott. I can't wait until they wear out so I can go with OEM. They are pretty lousy. Actually one of the rear ones failed in about a day and I had to send it back. Also one of the front ones had the lower portion rotated about 30 degrees from where it should be, and I sent it back too. The replacement front they sent was closer, but still rotated funny. I finally just took it to a strut shop to get adjusted...

Arnott said 'the ones you sent back tested out fine!' they are either lying or there are some serious QA testing problems there. I have receipts to back up that they were not 'fine'. Seriously...the product can only be assured as far as the quality of the tests.

The ride isn't bad, but when its cold out the rear ones sag and bottom out (hard) quite a bit, which doesn't seem right. Also it looks like the front rides a little too high.

I have no experience with strutmasters.

I am kicking myself for not going with OEM. Hope that helps.

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