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I am trying to decide b/t K&N vs SRT intake, which one would yal recommend for my GS 400 1999, it is completely stock? Also, how much of a difference will either intake make on the car? Will it make the already quiet ride, much louder? Thanks yals help!

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Yes it will increase intake noise.

After years of using K&N air filters on a variety of cars I have come to one conclusion. They don't filter very well. When I have removed the intake manifolds on a number of Lexus & Toyota engines I find the same common problem. The paper element equipped cars are clean to the touch. The K&N filter equipped have a layer of grime inside the manifold.

I have heard it before, the filtration is equal. But it is not. I change my paper filter every 5000 miles and I know I have better protection. K&N stops dirt, but not fine dust.

My two cents.

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I dont think he is asking about the air filter.

he is talking about the whole intake.

I DEFINITELY reccommend the SRT intake

As soon as i have some money that is the firs mod i am getting.

i have done a lot of reading and The SRT intake with the ECU is defintiely well worth the money.

Good Luck

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