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I was hoping you guys could help me pick out a set of rims for my black 2003 Es300. Stevie J, we've talked in the past about the set of Enkei's you have on your ride, but i found these two sets on tirerack.com that look great as well. Let me know guys....


They're both on pg. 8

The Sport Edition E1 18"


The Sport Edition KV5 18"

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When you view each on your car via TireRack's viewer, the Sport Edition E1's look cleaner.

The two rivet/bolt heads where the lip meets each spoke gives the KV5 a less smooth surface which subtracts from the clean look I like. Totally my opinion. (Plus the E1's will be easier to clean)

Word of advise, go with a 225 tire or less. Any larger and the rears will hit the inside of the fenders when you hit a bump and have an adult in the back seat.

I highly suggest the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3.


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Thanks again fellas.

Question for you experts. I noticed that the ride is a little different. Are these 18" tires and rims having an effect on the suspension of the car? Also, when i hit about 75-80mph i feel some vibration in the steering wheel. I know that the TireRack balances their tires before sending them out, but i'm going to have them balanced again just to be sure.

Steviej - The tires are Bridgestone Potenza S03's 225/45/18 (took your suggestion and didn't go with the 235's). I enclosed a side profile pic for you as well.



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looks really sharp.

As for your ride: you will feel more of the road surface as there is less sidewall to cushion the surface imperfections and vibration generated. The suspension hasn't changed, you just feel more of the road through the floor, steering wheel, foot pedal, your butt, etc. However, you will notice that cornering is schweet and tight. Be careful of the road grates, raised manhole covers, potholes, and general crap in the road. Again, since there is less tire material to act as a cushion, these objects can bend a rim very easily if hit at a substantial speed.

As for the vibration at 75-85 mph, it would be wise to have them rebalanced, make sure the shop uses a Hunter Road Force machine. Also, you might want to look into a 4 wheel alignment if you haven't had one done. Alignment should change with a new set of wheels if you kept within plus sizing (which you did with the 225/45-18s), however, it is worth a look.

Make sure you keep your receipt if the rebalancing eliminates the vibration. If it does, speak to TireRack and they will most likely credit you the cost as good customer service. Or call them, they may have you go to one of their designated shops and have it done no charge.



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Thanks again for all the advice fellas. I had the tires rebalanced (Hunter Force) and that took care of the vibration at the high speed. Two days later someone rear-ended me and scratched up my rear bumper. It wasn't a hard hit, but enough to cause visual damage. The car is in the shop now so i only got to ride on the rims for a few days. I should have the ride back on the road in a few days.

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Thanks fellas. Update on the wheels and tires.

I never purchased performance tires for any of my vehicles in the past and all i have to say about performance tires is WOW! I didn't anticipate the gret performance but i'm extremly happy.

I purposely bought this vehicle to curb my aggressive driving, but ummmm...i've reverted back and now i'm cornering as if i were driving a BMW:-) in the words of Steve, these tires are "schweet"!

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