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Es 300 Brakes ?

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    :magic:  i am a new buyer of Es 300 97. I was wandering if n e one can tell me tht is it n e different then n e cars in matter of changing brakes. I have changed brakes of other cars as toyotas andd hondas my self. But since its a lexus so a little hesitant . is it different then n e other car ? shall mess with it or take it to lexus dealer ? thank u guys.

      Cheers. Sani


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If you have changed brake pads before, then yes, it is pretty much the same as others. The brake line is held in place by a nut, which you should loosen to make it easier to move the caliper. After that, just use a c-clamp to compress the piston back down (check that the brake fluid reservoir doesn't overflow, I have heard that the stuff is pretty corrosive).

I didn't re-adjust the parking brake though.

Let us know how it turned out :cheers:

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