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I am a new member to the forum. I last week purchased a 2007 GX 470, trading in a Cayenne Turbo S of all things. The Porsche was a brief, unsatisfying interlude (like my ex-wife) between my beloved 2001 LX 470 and this car. So far, couldn't be happier with the switch.

Two questions: What is the consensus about what to use to clean the nav screen? Also, soes anyone use the stick-on screen protectors that my local Lexus dealer sells?

Second, I would like to get the electronics to skip the intro screen, and remember seeing a detailed step-by-step post on removing the faceplates, etc., but can't locate it again. Anyone remember where that is?


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Use a micro fiber cleaning cloth to clean the nav screen, never use household cleaner on it. Some of those stick-on screen protectors may interfare with the Nav's touch screen function, can anyone here add more to that?

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