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Help With Oil Leak (pics)


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This is a pic of a car that i looked at that i might buy.Sorry that i dont know much bout cars but i took a pic of what looks like an OIL leak near the distributor.I didnt get a really good chance to look at it cuz i had to go to work but i hope this is something minor.I couldnt really tell where the oil was coming form.Maybe someone had a similar leak like this?Any help would be great.



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It is kind of close to the head gasket. It's possible the gasket's on its way out.

How many miles?

Any other leaks from underneath the car? Look about the Oil filter, transmission pan, rear-main seal, rear-differential, power steering pump, and EGR. The SC3s are notorious of having under-engine leaks especially on high-mileage ones. Ask the guy from some maintenance records, who did the work, credentials?

Look for paint-imperfections, discolourations, body-damage, headlight and tail light fade and function, coin-test on the tires, and off-course test drive (high and low speeds(vibrations and noises), quick turns(feeling and pulsation from the steering rack), braking(pulsation), air-filters, oil level, and status of the battery(if you have the guage).

If any of the above are not meeting your requirement expect to spend $$$. So far I've spent $3k in parts and labour, and it's spread out since i bought the car in 2003.

there is some place I didn't look before I bought mine. Spare-tire, tools, and under the car-jack. See if it's wet. Mine smelled because the antenna gasket broke and was leaking rain water.

Be as thorough with your investigation because once you own it, there's no backing out w/o selling it, and you won't get the same price easily.

i'm sure most of us will help you with the process.

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