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Recirculation Mode

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On my 2007 IS 250, I usually drive with the fan set on low and set with the fresh air vent mode without AC. I would turn of the car with the setting leaving the settings as is. But when I start the car the next day, it switches to recirculation mode and I have to manually switch back to fresh air mode. Is this normal or is there a way to keep the same settings same as when the car was turn off?

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I think it does that to send the intial air through the cabin filter for reasons of maybe pollen, exhaust gas, etc.

You can change the sensitivity of that by pushing and holding the mode button, the one with the two car icons showing air flow.. You should then see a number on the A/C screen. Default is zero. Use the up/down arrow buttons to change that number. (the temperature set buttons). Then push the big Auto button to get out of setting mode. I think you can set from -3 to +3. The lower the setting the less sensitive so the recirc should be on less and go off quicker. I tried setting mine to -3 and and it stays on outside air when I started it up.

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