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Trunk Struts On 98 Ls


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I have not had my 98 LS400 for long and thought the trunk release was normal.

However, now I am wondering... is the deck lid supposed to go all the way up when I click the release or just

pop open a crack? My trunk lid just pops open enough to clear the latch and I have to lift it the rest of the way.

Time for new gas struts or situation normal? (or SNAFU? :rolleyes: )

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I posted a similar Q back in the day and I believe that even with new shocks it will still only crack open. They may take it the rest of the way. I put new ones on my BMW for Fun and now I lift it up about 6 inches and they do the rest. My trunk has a 'soft close' feature which is nice cause ppl dont slam it like they do the on the Lexus!

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As far as I can remember, It's always just opened a crack and I've had to lift it the rest of the way. Of course now my trunk has to be slammed to close it. Ever since it got rear ended and repaired, the trunk just doesn't quite match up... *oh well*

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