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Newbie "hi" And Really Stupid Question...(s)

Alex Devlin

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Just joined the forum and thought I'd say hi and ask probably some of the dumbest questions ever....

I did search for solutions to them but can't find any or I'm searching using the wrong terms so I apologise if these have been asked before and would be grateful if someone could point me to them.

First a little about my car....

I just bought the car, a 1990 Cobalt Blue LS400 with 254,000 miles and she still purrs and drives beautifully!

I was looking for a car for my work and found this going cheap and there was so little wrong with it, (that I could find) that I snapped it up.

The problems I've found so far...

Front corner bulb blown.

I found a screw at the top, beside the main headlight, and removed it. The corner light can be pulled out slightly but I don't want to force it and can't find any other screws that could be holding it. Someone let me know the trick or point and laugh at the part I'm not seeing?

Engine temperature gauge moves just off cold and that's it.

I'm thinking either bad gauge or sensor? Any pointers to how I could replace/check either?

The front seatbelts have lost their pull...

They don't retract anymore, but that's what airbags are for right? :whistles:

Front driver speaker not working.

Made me realise how bad I really sound when I sing along.... so I stopped it...

(Of course) Climate control display is blank.

Found the fix, it's on the list when I get time to pull the old one out.

A little wear and tear on the leather but not much else (that I can find)

I have to say that I love my car! I'm a little late getting one of these, being 39 and just never getting around to buying one but always meaning to, but this just called out to me and I couldn't say no.

Oh, and I paid $3000 for her, brought down from $4988 window price at the local Lexus dealer, and I'm the third owner. :cheers:

I'm looking forward to getting to know folks here and learning lots of knowledge about keeping my car running for (hopefully) another 250,000 miles.

Alex Devlin

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