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Sc430 Underbody


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Alright, first off hi everyone just joined the forum. So today driving my lexus to the grocery store and go to park it. Accidently pull a little too far forward and I hear the plastic underbody rip off. I had just gotten it replaced 2 weeks ago after driving with it dragging on the ground for quite some time. Basicly its the first half foot of the plasitc underbody that was ripped out from the bolts/screws and is in a bent down fashion. I refuse to go and get this one replaced again after I had just gotten it replaced with a new one two weeks ago. So my question is what is your opinion as to what I should adhere it with. The bolts seem to be ripped completely off of the body so it looks like I'm going to need some kind of glue. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

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