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Small Click Noise Come Out From The Left Side Of Dash Board


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Dear all

My Ls400 have a small click noise come out from the left side of dash board recentally, the click frequency depend on speed;

when the car run fast then the click sound go fast, it just like a speed wire thing drive a meter thing, but the sound is loud

enought that you can heard it. Is there anything loose or wearn? how to fix it?

Thank in advance

David Liang

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Thank! Did you mean the right down side of dash board mechanic meter which show total milage?

thats seem working fine, you think it will break need to repair or just loose need to connect tight ?

is this a ordinary fail for Ls400? my milage show about 110,000 only.

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Yes that's the meter I'm talking about. My odometer failed at 110,000 miles exactly and it is also making a faint ticking sound from the dash at that time. I think it's coming from the spinning cable feeding the worm gear for the odometer. After about 100 miles of driving the noise went away. My guess is that one of the gear teeth is stripped and the gear struggled to turn. Eventually a catastrophic failure caused it to disengage from the driving cable permanently and the sound went away.

About 2 years ago I also started a similiar thread regarding this ticking noise. It has much detailed information including some pictures, but I can't find that thread. Can someone dig up that URL?

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