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P0120 Tps Code


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I have a 2000 RX300 FWD and my Check Engine light has been on and off a few times so I used a code scanner. It showed P0120 TPS Sensor Malfunction and also the infamous P1130 O2 sensor. The CEL is not on right now but I don't feel like I have as much power as I should and my gas mileage is about 14 MPG in town.

When the CEL was on I was snooping around under the hood with the engine running and thought I heard a vacuum leak. I found a hose that had come off the air cleaner lid; apparently when I changed the filter. After reconnecting the hose the CEL went off after about a hundred miles. As far as I could tell, the hose went into the firewall. Could this vacuum hose have cause the TPS and O2 sensor errors? Could these two errors and the lack of power and fuel economy indicate something is still not working correctly even though the CEL is off?


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Disconnect the neg. battery terminal for a few minutes and reconnect. That will reset the ecu. If you get another cel rediagnose.

To the best of my knowledge, with OBD II systems, the only way to clear codes is with the scanning tool itself. Pulling the battery cable does nothing but lose your radio codes. As you know, Advance Auto, AutoZone and others will let you borrow the scanner.


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