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? About Ect In A '96 (or Any That Have Ect)

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I'm new here :) I actually have a Toyota Windom 2.5 Lexter but the ES300 is the equivalent (so I've been told). Anyway, there are two buttons next to each other: ECT Pwr and ECT Manu. I have NO idea what either of these are. Before you start spewing off "RTFM", yeah, I would, except I can't read Japanese! My manual is entirely in Japanese :P The only info I've been able to find is that ECT Pwr helps the transmission run more smoothly...? Or it's better for slippery conditions (which would be nice, because it rains almost constantly here). I couldn't quite gather exactly what it does.

And here is my baby:



Most of the time, the A/C in the car is run anytime I drive *anywhere*. It's just humid here and never really gets colder than 65F :P. So, if I've run it quite consistently since last March, when I first bought the car, am I going to need to get it recharged? I don't know a whole lot about cars and I've never had to use A/C this much, so any information would be helpful :D.

*steps off the n00b box*

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