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Cleaning Black Fiberglass Liner Of The Hood.

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Hi all,

I used 409 and a soft toothbrush to clean the black fiberglass liner of the hood, but I didn't get a good clean. Besides, the fiberglass was easy to catch lints.

Any ideas how to clean it correctly?


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B) If the underside of the engine compartment hood has a sound deadening felt-like cover-

•Brush the cover with a soft brush, using light pressure to avoid tearing the material

•Using a soft brush attachment, vacuum the surface using a very light pressure

•Spray P21S® Total Auto Wash on to a 100% cotton terry towel

•Use very light and even pressure on the towel (use a ‘patting’ type motion, do not rub the lining as it may tear)

•Work the cleaner into the fabric but do not saturate the material or use much pressure on the towel

•Fill a spray bottle with clean water and rinse area thoroughly

•Using a terry towel gently blot the surface, rinsing the towel often until all residue is removed

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