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90-94 Lexus Ls400 Fuel Pump Removal


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90-94 LS400 Fuel Pump Removal


Anybody remove the fuel pump and installed a new one?

If you did, did you remove all the fuel from the tank before? or did you leave the fuel inside and just remove the fuel pump?

Here is Lextreme's website on how to remove the pump, but doesn't state removing fuel from tank..

click below link:


check out how the fuel tank is set up click here:


Factory Lexus Manual states removing fuel from tank before replacing fuel pump, but doesn't explain how.

Tried siphoning through gas cap vent with a 3/8", 1/2", 1/4" hose and all did not work..seems to get stuck all at a certain point...

Any ideas anybody?

Relieve pressure from tank? Methods of removing fuel from tank?

Thank god you don't have to drop the entire tank though.

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There may be a better way, but here is one easy method of getting to the gas in the tank:

1. Disconnect the battery.

2. Pull back the trunk lining (remove the screws at the top and bottom under the rear parcel shelf)

3. You're now looking at the tank. There is a plate there clearly attached to the tank. Assuming your gas level is below at about 2/3rds, you're safe to remove it without spilling fuel everywhere. I think there are two sensors to disconnect before pulling the plate and the fuel level sending units out of the tank. If you take apart the plastic box, you can clean off the contacts on the fuel level sending unit. This made it so I once again received accurate fuel level readings.

4. You now have a huge hole into the tank. Your siphoning should be pretty easy now.

Good luck.

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