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Ecu Unit

mc teg

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You'll need to remove the glove box, as the ECU is behind it.

Check this site out for some pictures of glove box removal in an ES300:


It's pretty similar to the LS400. There are screws you'll need to remove and then the glove box also clips in, so even after you remove the screws, you'll still have to give it a good tug to get it out. Just go slow and make sure you look around for all the screws/bolts. I'm giving info. based on my '98 LS400, but it should be pretty similar for a '91. Also, there's probably a bolt you'll have to open the glove box to get to, as it sits behind a removable panel on the inside of the glove box. Good luck :)

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the engine ECU is in the kick panel right under the glovebox. to get to it, you need to remove:

1- the glovebox (marked as 0 in the pix) there are 4 plastic clips that hold the glovebox in place, 2 on floor and 2 on the ceiling of the glovebox, simply use a taped flat screwdrive to get them out. then remove the glovebox outward

2- then the cover #1, once the gloxebox removed, you can access some (4 if i still remember right) that hold cover #1. note: there is one covered by the door seal

3- remove cover #2, use your common sense to find the bolts, be careful when remove cover#2, the ECUs are attached to it

you may not need to remove cover #3, but if you do, remember to unplug the lamp wire

hope this helps


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