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Wierd Rearview Mirror Questions (01 300). Help Is Appreciated


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I recently bought an 01 ES 300. I later realized that my autodimming rearview mirror was installed about 1.5 inches below where it out to. Instead of the plastic trim being flush with the headliner, there is a 1.5 inch gap b/t RV mirror & headliner.

There is a 30-gauge star-type screw holding the RV mirror to the windshield. For the life of me, it won't turn. I haven't over-torqued it for fear of breaking the whole assembly.

My question: Does anyone know how I can detach the RV mirror from the glass and re-attach it about an inch higher up? Does anyone have any experience in this regard? I am gonna ask my mechanic ( a good dude) in a few months when the car needs servicing, but thought I'd give it a shot in the meantime.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,


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