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Has Anyone Installed Factory Xm Radio?


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I would have searched for an answer to this but the search on this forum forbids key words with less than 4 characters (what's up with that?) so XM can't be searched.

I have a 2004 LS430. I have found an online source ( http://www.lexus-parts.com/partdetail.asp?...ubCategoryID=37 ) for the factory XM radio for $299.

Has anyone installed this themselves? I have heard that Lexus charges about $200 for installation.

By the way does anyone know of a better source for the radio?

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I had an '03 and recently traded it for an '05. I had the Vais Tech in my '03, and removed it and had it reinstalled in the '05. According to the installer, the Vais Tech is better than the factory version, but I don't remember exactly why. One reason would be that you can use the aux hook up on the Vais Tech for your iPod, if you so choose. The Vais Tech integrates seamlessly with the newer (gen 3.5) navigation system. I think it's fairly easy to install yourself, if you're technical or mechanical. The unit itself is $299. I think the original installation, including all parts and equipment, was somewhere between $500-600. Having it reinstalled was just over $250. I've been very happy with the performance, and love the fact that I can also use my iPod.

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