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Tinting Instrument Cluster For Hologram Effect


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I am definitely going to do Lexucan's DIY Needle fix as well as installing the brighter LED instrument backlighting.

When I do, though, I'm thinking about tinting the window that you look through to view your Speedo and other needles and guages. I remember on the early LS that it was almost totally black until you turned on the car (I have a '95 ES300). They really looked like holograms and had me fooled... maybe they were.

That's why I want to tint the guage window (after the needle and backlight fix of course); so that the guages and needles would be blacked out until the car was turned on. Someone in here said the instrument cluster wasn't that interesting anyway, but if the needles and all were just hanging there in the middle of blackness, they would look interesting indeed.

Has anyone done this?

Would you advise against tinting that window? Why?


Josh :whistles:

(Sorry for the duplicate post, but I wanted to change the title)

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