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My First Sc400 Problem Noticed...

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Today I noticed my first problem on my SC400. :cries: I am hoping someone will tell me that it is not a problem though.

I know its summer time and all right now, temp where I live at today was about 100 degrees and the low for the night was about 70. Point and possible problem being, there is excessive heat coming in or decipitating from under the steering wheel and gas/brake pedal area. I just came in from being out and about. Its 2:30am, im on the freeway, with the windows down and sunroof open, and yet there is incredible, uncomfortable heat in the car's cabin. It feels like a sauna. I step out of my car, and my jeans are all warmed up from my ankles and knees as if they just literally came out of the dryer.

Now my friend tells me that these cars run hotter than normal, and that it is normal due to the warmer weather season were in, specially since its a V8. Now he doesnt own a car Lex SC, just his opinion in general. I personally never owned a V8 before and dont know if this is true or not. So therefore Im not sure if this heat factor is normal or not.

Temp gauge never goes above half way mark. Plenty of antifreeze in radiator. Climate control setting is at "cold". I even have the vents closed off or "recycling" button pressed on the climate control system, because if I keep the "open vent" button pressed on the climate control system, then heat from the engine flows in through the vents (but thats a given).

Anyone else have this issue? Or any suggestions or ideas as to what could be going on? Could it be something relating to my tranny?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all!!!

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:cheers: welcome to the hotest interior of any car you will own. Most of the heat is from tranny. Make sure your AC is in good condition! We all have the same experience. On the other hand here in CO its nice in the winter. Big engine big heat.
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So then this excessive heat inside the car is common then, and mostly due to transmission?

While continuing the research on this topic, I came across another thread regarding this and stumbled upon two proposed solutions to the problem.

1.) An basic transmission service will immediately fix up the situation.

2.) Remove the seats and floor carpeting and lay down DynaMat heat deflecting pads, then put carpeting and seats back in.

So anyways, I found those two ideas. Has anyone actually done any of these yet, and did this fix the heat situation for you guys? I personally think Ill try the transmission service first since it seems quite a bit more on the easier side, and im hoping that will fix it up.

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I remember reading something about this. I think the person manually closed off the heater core control valve during hot weather. Also make sure your temperature is at the cold position even though you are not using the climate control. Another thing you can look for is the vent under the steering column. I think its possible to close it off by hand. It's late so I'll have to look when theres daylight.

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