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Rear Dvd Screens For Kids/passengers


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Hello all. There is not a single forum in Saudi Arabia where i can discuss about almost anything to anyone!!!! so here i am asking all of my questions!

I'm thinking of installing DVD screens at the back of my car for my kids. They're into Barney/tele tubbies and all that. Sometimes when we go for a long drive they would knock the crap out of us BUT when i put the car in park while my wife gets groceries or anything else, I play the DVD for them in the front and it seems like they're never in the car. They get quite all of a sudden and I'm in peace! :-) (pls note: i do love my kids :)) so any factory fit recommend? OR could anyone tell me how much this would cost??

Another thing is , that would it used my current DVD is a player or would be installing a seperate DVD player for the back screens? Thanks in advance for the info guys! much appreciated!

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