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What Does "rolled Fenders" Mean?

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Hey everyone... sorry for the newbie question :blushing::rolleyes: ... but I keep hearing about too much of an offsetted wheel will "roll" my fenders. What does that mean exactly? :wacko:

The technique used for extending the wheel arch to provide more width clearance is termed "rolling the fenders", or in the UK "rolling the arches". If you have too much offset then the wheel will rub if you don't have them 'rolled'. Never heard it used in the context you're describing.

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The fender lip that is located near the tire can be rolled back carefully to allow more tire space so you don't rub... You have to remove the plastic strip first then with pliers and cloth protection you can begin to fold back the rear fender lips creating more tire space....

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It is a common mod. with the BMW community I belong to. There is a tool which allegedly is helpful though it apprears the majority of members have no issue utilizing a baseball bat or such. You will want to get the paint good and hot to avoid cracks and chips. Some individuals have been known to do it on the side of the road providing temperatures permit.

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