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1991 Ls 400 Windshield Wiper Motor Problems...


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alright, well, here goes.

recently, it started pouring while I was driving so I turned on my windshield wipers, heard a buzz and then the wipers went up about 45 degrees and just dead stopped on the windshield and it wouldn't go up more or come back down. good thing I had rain-x on my windshield that day!

when I got home I tried to manually turn the windshield wipers with my hand since I thought something just jammed it up. not a good decision. now they won't even go up at all when I turn them on. however, I hear a "zzzzzzzz" or buzzing sound of the wipers "wanting to work" somewhere in the front of the driver side dash, but nothing is happening to the windshield wipers.

I found out that the windshield wiper assembly consists of around 3 to 4 parts. would I have to replace everything or do you guys think it's just the windshield wiper motor (looks kinda like a starter)? I want to be sure before I purchase a part I won't need.

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I would advise diagnosing the problem to determine what is actually broken or seized in the windshield wiper mechanism. If you are not willing to diagnose it, then yes, buy everything. At this distance none of us can possibly help more than that. So take it apart.

Here's a another pithy bit of philosophy, which you might also consider.

"Man's only defense against entropy is preventative maintenance"

I've always liked that one. Good and evil are far more difficult to discern and are dependant upon cultural disposition and belief systems.

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