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Loud Snap Noise?

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This loud and unpredictable snap noise has been bothering me for a while.

Whenever I drive, there a loud snap noise at random instances that comes from the dashboard area closer to the audio set.

The snap does not happen frequently and it is very hard to "show" to mechanics because it happens randomly and infrequently. Please help. It is very annoying.

The services people won't help me bc they can't pick up the noise when the mechanic takes it out for a drive for 5 mins.

it is a loud snap. one snap. like someone bashed my dashboard with a plastic hammer.

I have also noticed that my TV makes a similar loud random snap noise... maybe it has something to do with the heat... i had the tv on for some time i think.

anyways please help? what can i do?

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So you have a tv in the car ? Possibly a 54" plasma ? :lol: JK, Are you running the a/c when this happens ? Give us more details on what's running or not , Time it happens after you start the car etc...

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My TV does that on occassion as well - usually when it's cold out and the TV has been on for about 30-40 minutes, it warms up and i hear a loud cracking sound. It could be that the dash is very hot and you're running the air conditioning and you hear a loud snap from all that plastic cooling and shrinking just a wee bit...

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