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Hello everyone!!!

First off, I want to announce that I am the new owner of a 92 SC400... and very excited about it!!! For the most part the car is in great shape in and out. I would say its about an 8 out of a 10 total appearance and mechanical condition.

Like most new cars, it did have some things that need attention, and so I thought maybe I could get some help on this from some of you guys. And just so you dont think that I am of the mindset where its all just about me, give me some time to familiarize myself a bit with the car, and I too will be dropping notes, ideas, and help-outs on this forum.

Well if I may... here are my questions... mostly general maintenance:

1.) I need to replace the bulb for one of my corner lights, how or what is the best way to access it?

2.) LCD light on my climate control is seems to be out. Could I be overlooking something as simple as a common misconnection in the back, or a fuse some place?

3.) My instrument cluster gauge needles seem to fade in and out in the middle of the whole red shaft/stick. I hope that kind of makes sense, but if not, ill try to illustrate like this. This is the way the needle should look ============= instead it looks like this ---> === ===== === <--- thats my incomplete needle, thats how the lighting breaks up and fades the lighting in and out completing and breaking up the entire length of the needle throughout. Is this a common issue? Easy fix?

4.) To access the sub and speakers in the back, is it easier access through the back seat or trunk? Are there any step by step with pics on here already?

5.) Finally... I want to add on a K&N cone air filter to the stock intake tubing and just remove the stock air filter housing. I noticed that its a square connection on the tubing end. Is there an adapter or do it yourself adapting piece to match the square end of the intake tube to the round K&N cone?

Thanks in advance for everyones time in reading this, and the effort in replying to help out a fellow member.

By the way... any members in the New Mexico / West Texas area? Any meets going on around these parts of the country?

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1) Your corner lights meaning the ones in your headlamps or the smaller ones on the bottom of the front bumper. The headlamp ones can be accessed from the engine bay. The bumper ones you remove some screws from the wheel well liner so that you can fold it back to access the bumper bulbs. You can either take your wheel off or turn it to one side for more room.

2) LCD light on the climate control is a common problem. To replace it, you have to remove the climate control and do a little soldering for the bulbs. Its a pretty delicate process. Also, replacement bulbs won't give you that factory even illumination.

3) Another common issue. It is inevitable that the needles/cluster lights will go out. Try to a place that can fix it for you if it bothers you that much. Shoot me a pm if you need suggestions.

4) To access the subs/speakers you first have to remove the rear seats. To remove the rear seats simply stick your fingers between the bottom cushion and the carpet and pull up. With some force it should pull out. The back cushion can be pulled up after removing the 3 bolts that is holding it down. Then you can loosen the sub speaker grill by pulling towards the front of the car and up. If your car has a 3rd brake light on the sub grill don't forget to unplug the harness. To remove the rear deck you have to remove one side of the back triangular window trim so that you can slide the deck lid out. Although I have heard that you can remove the rear lid w/o removing any trim panels. Once the deck lid is out you can access the speakers.

5) You would need an adapter to mount the k&n cone filter to your sensor. Or another option besides the k&n is the BFI mod. Just do a search for "BFI intake" on yahoo or something.

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