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Anyone Ever Bought Rims From "o E Wheel Distributors" On Eba


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They are located in in Sarasota, Florida http://stores.ebay.com/O-E-Wheels

Here is the link to their Lexus OEM Rims at very very cheap prices ... :huh:


Wheels: 18 x 7.5" replica. These wheels are manufactured in a original equipment plant to original specification. They are DOT, JWL, VIA and TUV approved. They are side impact and load bearing tested. They are manufactured with the highest quality A-365.2 virgin aluminum. The finish is superior and we are the manufacture.


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I purchased a set of RX330 OEM replica wheels from them to go on our 2002 RX300, no drama, great pricing, balanced well. I was skeptical at first - read plenty of bad reviews, but also the good reviews were overwhelming (most bad reviews were from people that didn't read the detail of the items for sale, and just wanted to complain).

One wheel arrived with some very very slight scratches (looked like sandpaper scratch) in the powdercoat topcoat, not even into the metal, I ordered another so I'd have a 5th for a spare. At about 1/3 the cost of OEM, I figured I couldn't go wrong.

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