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Body Work And Paint


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I have a pearl white 92 LS400. Bought it a little over three years ago body and paint in excellent condition. While at work(grocery store) last week it was vandilized by a high basket shopping cart. Upper cart basket with low shelf underneath was wedged onto front end of my car. About 12 inches dent and gouge in paint on the hood and paint scraped off the bumper. Company said to get two estimates for repair and they would cut me a check for the repairs. Pretty good deal as far as I'm concerned.

Have gotten one estimate so far for about $1500. This includes repair dent in hood, paint for hood and one fender nearest the damage plus painting the bumper. What I'm wondering is how will this look with the origianl paint? Seeing as the car is 15yrs old, is there going to be a very noticeable difference between the repaired/painted parts and the rest of the car?

The first estimate came from a very reputible shop in my area, recommended by my mechanic who only works on expensive forein cars. I'm getting the 2nd est. from the local Toyota collision shop. My work says they will pay the lowest estimate.

I think my car should look like it did before this incident. Should I push for the entire car to be painted so it remains as pretty as it was before or do you think the new paint will look ok?

I LOVE my car. I waited nearly ten years to ditch the family mini van(kids are grown) and find an afforable lexus and nearly cried when I saw the damage. :cries:

What do you guys think. Any input it much appreciated.

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Personally, Catt, I wouldnt worry too much about it. Find a reputable shop and explain to them all of your fears.

Then they can give you an honest assessment. I would ask them what type of materials they are going to use and

if the work is warranted. You only want OEM grade(or better) materials. A good body shop can work wonders when it comes to feathering-in paint and clearcoat.

I also doubt that you could get a whole body repaint. Nor would you necessarily want that. For one, the insurance would probably total

out your car because it would cost major $$$ to do it right and cost more than the car is worth.

And its hard to beat the original paint job so a good blending/touch-up job is what I would want while preserving as much of

the original as possible.

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