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Want To Upgrade To Wood/leather Wheel On 01 Rx


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I searched around and found similar topics but I had a few questions still that I would appreciate anyone's expertise on.

I have an 01 RX300 with leather wrapped wheel and want to upgrade to this wood/leather wheel. Will there be any compatibility issues? Can I use the same airbag? What all is involved in switching to the new wood wheel? Would I be able to do it with a tools set or do I need a car mechanic?

Thanks in advance for the help

BTW, I am still looking for one so if you have one for sale, let me know.

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You can use your old airbag, and everything will fit perfectly. You're better off taking it to a mechanic (call them first to see if they have the tool) to take the wheel off, since you'll probably never need to remove a steering wheel again in your life. You don't need the "special tool" to put it back on, only to pop it off.

It's actually an easiely-set-up "tool" , but not worth purchasing for only one use.

Ebay often has some wood/leather wheels. Just make sure it's for a GS430 or an RX300, for these are the only two models that have the same size, and wood color to match yours.

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Thanks for the quickreply LexKid. Btw, you have a very nice collection of cars there.

Good tip on the fit - I think I've found one so I will probably pursue it. Also, if the airbag has already been deployed from the wood/leather wheel, if I attach mine, will be able to deploy again?

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Just as long as your own airbag hasn't gone off, you're all set.

Just buy the new wheel, unplug the deployed airbag (throw it away if you want) and bring the wheel to the mechanic who's gonna take the wheel off your car. Just tell him you want to do a switch, and use your old airbag. just remind him to disconnect the battery before he unplugs the airbag.

He should be able to do it in under an hour. I have no idea how much it will cost though...

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