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03 Es300 Or 04 Es330

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I am debating whether to buy an 02 or 03 ES300 or an 04 ES330. Looking for advice.

Is the 330 motor much better (do you really have to run premium fuel in it?)

There seems to be other differences as well (airbags, better NAV)

I do want NAV-does anybody have experience with the 04 NAV vs. the 03 NAV?

Any advice is much appreciated!

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I'd buy the 330 just because I would always buy the newest car I could.

As far as the engine, I've driven plenty of 300s and 330s and I honestly can not tell any difference. Gas mileage may be better on the 330, but they drive the same. Other changes included slightly reshaped front seat bottoms.

I have the 03 nav on my car, and we have the 04 nav on the Prius. Honestly? I like mine MUCH better. The display looks cleaner, the interface is more intuitive and I seem to have less issues with routing than we do on the Prius. The 330 does not have a tape deck also, if thats important to you at all.

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