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Alternator/ps Pump Change, Help!

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Hi there. in a little over a week, I will be changing my alternator and ps pump myself. If anyone has any tips or links to tutorials I could use, I'll greatly appreciate it. Any special tools? Doubt that really. Right now, she's sitting at my mom's, out of commision, due to alternator failure last night from leaking ps pump.

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Did the swap yesterday. Took me and a friend about... 4-6 hours, kinda lost track. Needed a 22mm open-end wrench for the pressure hose bolt, which we didn't have, used a 7/8", which worked fine. The red loc-tite they use on the pump mounting bolts were a pain in the !Removed! to get off, but got them eventually. Getting the air outta the PS system took a long time. It had me freaked out for a while, because the pump was making all kinds of scary noises. I bought both parts from a guy that was parting out Lexes on ebay for $150, they were froma car with 52k miles on it. He cleaned them up real good, and they weren't oily when I got them. For the pump swap, you need to order part number 44327, it's a non-reusable copper clip gasket for the pressure hose. cost me less than $5. Another thing... The squeeze clamps on the feed hose between the pump and the reservoir were a real !Removed!. They're two piece clamps, and when I tried to squeeze them down, they tended to get all mis-aligned. And that hose is so rigid, that it was hard to detach/attach in the tight spot it's in. Would be an easier job with the airbox removed.

Maybe this thread will help someone down the road.

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