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G-spider Rims & Tires For 2002 Gs 300

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Hi there, I have a 2002 GS 300.

I have the stock rims and tires on them and want to change them out for the G-spider rims.

I was going to order the 18x8 rims from Sewell Lexus: http://beta.lexus-parts.com/parts_detail.asp?id=88797

Seems like a good price.

Would the 18x8.5 be too wide for my GS? I don't want anything that sticks out, so I think the 18x8 is the way to go (I presume that doesn't stick out), but I wanted to double check w/you experts out there.

Also, what size tire should I get? I was told 245/40/18 would be best for this on my car (I didn't lower it or put in anything different). So I want to make sure that the tires don't rub against the wheel well or anything else.

I received mixed messages from different Lexus Dealerships. Some said it would be fine and no problem. Another said they tried another car for a customer and they rubbed on the shock towers.

Would there still be a big "gap" in between the top of the tire and the fender/wheel well? I presume any "gap" would be smaller than what I have now. Would the diameter be 2 inches less than what I have now (16" changing to 18") or would the tires for the 18" have a smaller "thickness" so as the overall diameter for the whole wheel + tire would not necessarily be 2 inches more with an 18" rim than a 16" rim. (I hope I explained my question correctly).

Basically I want the tires to "fill" the wheel well a bit more so that when someone is looking from the side, there is less of a "Gap". But again, without having to lower or modify anything excpet buying new rims and tires.

Thanks for your help ahead of time.

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