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Lexus Oem Front Shocks

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I have found that the KYB GR2 struts are still a little too stiff even though many have said they still have a very good ride quality. I don't like them as much as the oem lexus shock. I own a 94 and the struts listed for my car are over $170 each. Now here's the funny thing, the struts for the 97-00 model sc's are the same thing. Maybe slightly different in build quality but feel just the same as the other 92-94 oem struts. The price is no where close in comparison. OEM 97-00 model struts for $38.00 each from a Lexus dealer! They feel really nice too.

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Yep, there listed for the 97-00 sc300 & sc400 models. I put them on my 94 sc400 like I said and they are identical to the 94 year shock. You shouldn't have any problems. They should fit all sc300 and sc400's. Saved a lot of money and still am keeping the oem lexus ride quality. This is only for the front. Can't beat $38.72 for an oem lexus strut.

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Looks like a $50 difference per strut between the years of 92-94 and 97-00. The 92-94 models being the more expensive part. I would check some aftermarket companies that manufacture shocks and struts and see if they list different part numbers for the different generations. They might list the years 92-99 for the rears and then you'll know the oem lexus 97+ would fit on the years prior to 97. 97-00 models listed for $94 each and the 92-94 listed for $154 each. But like I've said I'm only sure about the front fitting properly.

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