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1992 Sc400


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i have a 1992 sc400 that was recently vandalized ,,,much of the interior was damaged,, no insurance on it at the time of damage,,,now i have somthing i cant afford to fix,,,whats should i do,????,,part it,,sell it ,,,,,and if i do ,,,for how much ,,there are good part to be had but all i can do now is cut my losses .looking for any advise or interested concern please...?????

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Part it out....Ebay is always a good way to unload car parts....

Parting out requires you to dismantle the car....My question to you is how mechanical are you? If you can't turn a wrench then unload it for cheap on Recycler.com, Car trader.com, Craigs list and maybe throw it on Ebay too just for kicks.... It should sell....

I'll give you $100 for all the plastic gaurds that go directly under the engine...It's called the under body covers...There is three peices one being a large 2 by 3 foot black plastic cover that I really need....... Let me know...

I could use the stock airbox and air filter too....

I got paypal too...Let me know

There maybe a few other parts I could use... If you were local I would buy the tranny off you...

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