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93ls -- Suddenly Sound From Sub Only. Pioneer Factory Unit W/cd Chang

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Everything worked fine one day and the next day the sub was the only channel with sound. I have pretty much ruled out a short due to water because we have been in a drought with no rain (or car washes) for weeks.

I assume this is either a problem with the amp for the 4 main channels or an output problem within the preamp section of the head unit.

Is the sub a separate amp? Where is the main 4-ch amp? Head unit or elsewhere?

Any troubleshooting tips?


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It sounds like the amp, The sub has it's own amp and that is why it is working. If you need an amp for your LS let me know and I will get one for you.

Thanks for the response. Where is the main 4-channel amp located on my 93 LS (non-Nakamichi)? I assume by your comment that it is not integral to the head unit. I figure I had better check for water or loose connections before buying a replacement.

What would working replacement amp cost?


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In the trunk, Passenger side rear wheel well. I'll look into it for you. Hold tight.:cheers:

OK, thanks.

If it is under the CD changer bracket, I think I can get a look at the area tonight and make sure there are no water or loose connection problems.

Let me know what you come up with. :whistles:

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