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Head Gasket Kit On Ebay

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I have a 1992 es300 and, shocker its overheating again. My neighbor across the street works at a Lexus Dealer. He did something he called a "soda pop test" where when I turned my car over the water we put in started fizzing, boiling. The oil on the dpistick also looked chocolate milky. So in his previous experiences he said its the head gasket, and seems like many others have had the same problem.

I will also run him by the other tiny problem fixes members have posted about.

Anyway, he qouted me $1500-$2000 to do it in my driveway. I found this auction on eBay, is this a great deal for the parts?


Also, along with this kit what other parts will I need for the gasket replacement procedure? He's also going to replace the water pump, timing belt, etc... I'm trying to make this inexpensive as possible.

Thanks for reading, and any help people can offer.

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