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Alarm Problem..93 Sc300

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I have a 93 Sc300...a few days ago, I locked my keys in my car...Don't have an extra set either...well, I eventually got into it with a hanger...but when I unlocked it, the alarm started going off...so I put the key in it to stop it...but...My problem is, when I went to start it...it doesn't start. I checked the battery, its getting 12V..and I checked the starter, and thats ok too....I couldn't even use the power locks to unlock the doors, or unlock the trunk from the latch...but the windows, sunroof, stereo, lights, etc all work...

What I'm trying to figure out is, where is the alarm killswitch or reset on the car??...I don't have a manual for it, which really sucks...I also can't find the circuit box either...Nothing inside the car, and couldn't find one under the hood either...and because I can't get into the trunk, I can't look in there either.

Please help me if you can...it would be a HUGE help.. :)

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