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Fuse Or Relay?


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Hello all,

I read a lot and do all my research and all the fixes from others responds. So I don't have a need to post till today..I have some small problems with my seat memory switch. I have a 1995 sc400, the seat memory switch seem to be working fine for a while, then one day nothing. All the function of the power seat, mirrors, and steering column is working manually without problems, but the seat have no memory. When I try to set the seat again I don't get a beep or anything. Yes, I did went through the procedure of setting the seat like a bunch of people suggested. But still nothing. I have check the switch out with a multimeter, and it checks out good. Also in the mean time my passenger seat is not moving anymore when flipping the seat forward to allow the rear passenger to exit. The glove box or foot well light don't work either. So I was wondering if all this related to a single fuse? or relay like someone suggested? I don't have a wiring diagram or a service manual so I don't know where to look. I did located all the fuses including the fuse box under the steering column. All the fuses checks out good. So my question to all you knowledgeable people out there is, where is the relay or the fuse control all of this functions?? Or is all this problems related? Thanks in advance

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