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Fog Lamp


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Hi LS'ers,

I am new to this formum and apologize in advance for any blunders. My brother just gave me a '92 LS 400 which for the most part is in excellent shape. I have been going over the machine and replacing and fixing those items that are either missing, broken, or need repair, and would like some advice on where to get the following parts:

1. dust covers for the fog lamps

2. Internal wood trim for rear doors (the brown walnut(?) stuff on the door arm rest things.

3. Headlight assembly (only the back stuff that holds in the headlights and foglamps

Any other pointers for maintainence tips would be very helpful for me. Also, I have been following the very useful the threads on this forum and would like to know what "pinned" means.


mike :cheers:

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