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The ? Is Under The Passenger Seat, $$$ For Keys

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I come from a long line of GM workers so I may ask some weird questions but on this one I have gotten a few different answers.... What is the unit under my passenger seat actualy for??? Most say it is some kind of amp but others say its has to do with heated seats(which I dont have)?!?!?!?! and also in my area there is only one lexus dealer and they dont cut keys...they order them from the internet...I know that those inverted keys are gonna be expensive but they want between $200-$400 which sounds like a rip off :chairshot: ... I see the key blanks on sites like ebay for cheap, does anyone know where i might be able to send a blank to get it cut and for how much?

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yeah that is a stock pioneer amp you have there. And i got a copy of my key cut for $25 here at the Brooklyn DMV...hope that helps

Do you know any other info about the amp? Model? Watts? Channels? and I wonder if they do that here at the Buffalo DMV...never heard of it before but it is all NYS so maybe?!?! but $25 dollars is a great price compared to what I'm lookin at... :censored: I hate that there is only one dealer in the area...they have complete control over what they can charge :glare: Thanks! :cheers:

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